tamabet tell you 3 Baccarat scams, be careful!

tamabet tell you 3 Baccarat scams, be careful!

If you want to make money from baccarat, but you don’t have confidence in your poker skills, some people will choose to join the baccarat group.

What exactly is the baccarat group? How to do it? What’s the risk? Let the editor introduce to you once today!

What is baccarat ?

Baccarat ( Baccarat originated from Italy and is one of the most classic gambling games. It is a point-and-point game between the dealer and the player. Players can choose which side to bet on to win, and they can get bonuses if they bet on the winning side. Learn how to play baccarat, starting with the basic rules to teach you to place bets and count points.

  • Before the start: there is no limit to the number of baccarat players. In addition to the players at the table, players standing around can also bet, but each game has a chip betting upper limit. If the bet is not reduced to the specified amount, the dealer will It will not start.
  • Point calculation: 2-9 is calculated based on the face value of the card, 10, J, Q, K are all counted as 0 points, and Ace is counted as one point. If the sum of the two cards exceeds 9, it will be calculated as single digit points, for example, 5+7=12, it will be calculated as 2 points.
  • Dealing cards: There are generally eight decks of cards in a game. The banker and the player will each get two cards in each game. According to the supplementary rules, they may get a third card.
  • Make up rules:
    • Situation 1: If either the banker or the player reaches 8 or 9 points, neither party needs to make up cards. This situation is called a regular card. Otherwise, draw cards according to the rules of the player first, and then draw cards according to the rules of the banker.
    • Situation 2: If the player’s points are 0-5, one card will be drawn up, and if the player’s points are above 6, no card needs to be drawn up.
    • Situation 3: If the player does not need to make up cards, the banker captures cards according to the rules of the player.
    • Situation 4: If the player needs to make up cards, the banker captures cards according to the rules of the banker. The rules are as follows:
The sum of the points of the two cards Dealer draw rules
0, 1, 2 fill a card
3 The player’s third card is 8 points, no need to make up cards, other points must be made up cards
4 The player’s third card is “0, 1, 8, 9” points, no need to make up cards, other cards are drawn up
5 The player’s third card is “0, 1, 2, 3, 8, 9” points, no need to make up cards, other points must be made up
6 The third card that the player gets is a “6 or 7” point, a card is added, and no cards are drawn for other points
7 or above no draw

The above are the basic rules of baccarat. Although you have learned the basic rules, you still don’t know how to play baccarat to make money, right? At this time, you will want to win with baccarat cards. Let me introduce what is baccarat Let Jiale bring the card.

What is baccarat with cards?

Baccarat with cards refers to entering the baccarat with cards group, where a teacher will guide you to play baccarat and tell you which side to bet at this time, and there will be members in the baccarat with cards group to share profits , experiences, and even pictures of remittances, make you believe that this baccarat band group is reliable, and these baccarat band groups usually ask you to use their cooperative software to play, or enter their cooperative online Play in the tamabet casino.

Is baccarat with a group of cards okay? really useful?

After entering the baccarat group with cards, just follow the teacher’s operation and bet to make a profit. It sounds like baccarat with card groups is great and you can make money just by doing it, but we ignore the pitfalls.

The baccarat brand group is actually a baccarat fraud method. The initial profit is just a means to lure you to invest in funds. The platform or software they cooperate with will modify the data through the background, so that you can continue to invest in the initial stage.

To make a profit, you mistakenly think that the baccarat teacher is very powerful, or that the platform is very easy to win money, but when you really invest a large amount of money, you will find that you can no longer win the prize, what’s more, even the entire game Platforms and software groups are all running away with money.

This is also the situation encountered by many people on the Internet, so is it okay to bring a baccarat group?

The answer is no. Don’t easily trust the reports of baccarat groups with cards, and don’t use the software or platforms they recommend. It’s the best choice to choose a reliable and safe online casino to play baccarat .

Common methods of baccarat card group

How do baccarat card groups defraud you of your money? Next, the editor will introduce the three common tricks they use so that you can avoid being fooled.

  1. Free registration to play
    baccarat with cards The group usually allows you to register and play for free, and during the free play period, you will find out how to play and how to win money, the winning rate is super high, and the baccarat with cards helped by the teacher is also constantly winning , but after the free time is over, they will start scamming your money, so you need to pay special attention to this scam.
  1. In the baccarat card group with teachers
    , there will be a “teacher” who will teach you how to bet. Jiu is the core of baccarat cards. The truth of the teacher’s cards is that they cooperate with the online entertainment City or software cooperation, modify the data through the background or know the opening results in advance, as long as they leave the background data, these teachers are not baccarat masters.
  1. Group results sharing
    We can see many players share their experience in the baccarat group with cards. It is nothing more than how accurate the teacher is and the profit results. However, these shared players are actually so-called hidden piles. It’s all just to attract you to invest money.