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Online Casino is super profitable?

Nowadays, there are many online casino on the Internet, who use the name of gambling to commit fraud, or simply ignore the essence of games as “gambling” and use the name of “investment” to deceive victims.

Most of them are fraudulent online gaming platforms, which will attract novice players from casinos to LINE groups, and claim to be agents to lead everyone to bet.

And after these betting platforms, the novice players in the casino will become their “substitute operators” and even directly instruct the novice players in the casino how much money they must recharge.

Let the casino novice players presuppose the possible profit (of course it is false), and the casino novice players will have a small taste of the sweetness and really believe in the slaughtered fat sheep!

Everyone asks: Is the online casino legal? The answer is: In Taiwan, it is not legal!

We can easily access foreign online casino websites through the Internet, but there has always been controversy in the legal field about whether gamblers who place bets online violate the crime of gambling!

Although the practical judgment tends to convict the gamblers not guilty, but the Internet is becoming more and more developed, and it is hard to say what direction the law will be amended in the future. The editor can only advise the public not to defy the law!

These casinos will open community accounts and release advertisements for “investing in gaming”, using exaggerated return on investment, fake accounts of other people’s winnings, photos of piles of banknotes, etc.

In addition, the hashtags advertised as #steadyprofit, #guaranteedwithdrawal, the purpose is to create the illusion that online gambling is very profitable, and attract people to register as online casino members.

The first step of online casino fraud, free entry and registration, low entry threshold :

After the players register for the online casino website for free and become members, in order to test the water temperature, they will choose to enter the market with a small amount to try their luck, and they will win money miraculously.

At this time, it is necessary to withdraw the winning money and usually get a few. After winning a few times, members gradually let go of their guards, and the funds are deposited more and more.

In order to attract players to register and store value, some preferential activities regardless of cost are used to attract players to store value, and even in some cases, the turnover limit of withdrawals can be exempted, but various reasons will be used to make things difficult for players.

The same website has changed more than one name:

Originally, the website belonged to the promotion agent, but the promotion agent decided to independently open a one-stop operation with the system provider. At this time, the website may be the same, but the name is different, but this situation is quite rare after all.

The website was reported for fraud and spread on the Internet because of black members, so it had to be changed to another name, but I didn’t want to lose the original members to continue the business, and I didn’t want to spend more money to design another layout, so I had to change the name without changing it. URLs, which account for the vast majority of cases.

Teachers with licenses in groups :

The posts I often see on FB are telling you that playing lottery and online baccarat have earned millions, because there are “lucky lottery analysts” and “baccarat teachers” leading the way

The picture in the post uses a stack of banknotes to attract your attention. Young people with little experience are easy to be fooled, but Wange must tell you that the members in the group are almost their own people

Interspersed with a number of hidden stakes and fake analysts began to divide the work and talk badly, and use the chat dialogue to directly show it to you, making you feel as if you are sorry for yourself if you don’t join

After joining the group, it will deal with you with the “super exaggerated reward numbers” and “encouraging you to store a large amount of money” just mentioned.