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Headquartered in the business district of downtown Manila, RICH711 Entertainment City is incorporated in the Philippines and holds a legal license for local government licenses. All games we launch must undergo rigorous review and monitoring by the Philippine Gaming Council, as well as through Macau and The GLI laboratory verification by the three-party impartial verification unit must provide customers with a credit guarantee and a fair and safe game environment as well as a refreshing visual sensory experience.

RICH711 Entertainment City Headquarters has a variety of online gaming devices, all of which are the highest quality and first-of-the-art technology on the market. Even if customers are at home, RICH711 Entertainment City can provide customers with high-quality online environment entertainment.

How to open an account with RICH711?

You must click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the page. Then take the time to fill out the form to register.Your account at RICH711 will be completely open. The registry requires the following information: Player Name: Distinguish user accounts. Your username must be at least 5 characters that begin with a letter, number, or scale are very important and require at least 6 characters. Please keep your password confidential. Email address: Please provide a valid email address to easily submit important information such as product information. During the registration period, you will be required to accept the RICH711 Terms and Conditions and ensure that you are 18 years of age or older under this Agreement.


Betting Rules

  1. If the player accesses any part of the RICH711
  2. Website or application will be deemed to be subject to (i) the following terms and conditions; (ii) the privacy terms of the website; and (iii) the rules regarding betting or gaming products ( Commonly referred to as “terms”) and is considered to accept and understand all terms.
  3. The Company will change these Terms of Service from time to time. All changes will be posted on the website. Recently updated terms can be viewed on this website. If any changes to the Terms are not acceptable to the Player, the Player shall stop using the Site and/or close the account. However, if the player continues to use the website after the changes to these terms and conditions take effect, they will be deemed to have accepted the change.
  4. Players should be aware and agree that accessing and/or using the website (including any or all of the products offered on the website) may be illegal in certain countries (eg, the United States). It is the responsibility of the Player to ensure that his or her access to the Website is in accordance with applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which it is located and that it is responsible for guaranteeing the legality of the Gaming in that place of residence

Account application

  1. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age to place a bet or register on this website. At the same time, this website reserves the right to require customers to provide proof of their age and to freeze the client’s account before the relevant information is provided. This website will strictly handle juvenile gaming and responsible gaming.
  2. All information provided upon registration on the website must be accurate and complete in all respects or the account will be frozen. All bets before the account is frozen, regardless of the outcome, are valid.
  3. Rich711 limits one person to only one account. If the system detects that there are multiple accounts opened or multiple accounts login under the same IP, and so similar practices, the system will directly lock the violated account without prior notice. The resulting losses shall be undertaken customer’s responsibility.
  4. By accepting the Terms and/or registering the use of the Website, the Player hereby agrees that, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and/or the requirements of the relevant regulatory authorities, and for the use of the Website and other products on the Website, the Company reserves the right to perform any or all relevant at any time. Identity, credit, and other aspects of verification. Players will be deemed to agree to provide all information related to this verification. The Company reserves the right to freeze or limit the player’s account in any manner that we deem appropriate until the relevant verification is confirmed.

Account information:

  1. Players can choose their own username and password when registering on this website. Players must keep this information confidential and the player is responsible for all bets and any other activities in the personal account.
  2. A bet is established if there are sufficient funds in the account and the player’s username and password are entered correctly (whether or not authorized by the player).
  3. If the player believes that other third parties know their user name and/or password at any time, the player should immediately make changes through the website. If you have forgotten some or all of the information, please contact us.
  4. Once you log in to your account through the website, players can view the current balance and transaction history at any time.

Account freeze:

  1. If the player wishes to close the account, please contact us. Any negative balance in the player’s account must be paid to the website immediately, and the account will be closed after the corresponding amount has been paid. If there are any unsettled bets in the account, the player will not be able to close the account until all bets have been settled.
  2. This website reserves the right to close or freeze the player’s account at any time for any reason. The website reserves the right to close or freeze the player’s account in any of the following cases without affecting the validity of the foregoing terms: