Before playing baccarat, you must first understand the terms and rules of baccarat! Don’t know how to play? Just read this article, you only need one article to let you understand the terminology and rules of baccarat in seconds! Baccarat (Baccarat) is a very popular game in all major casinos. The gameplay is very simple, but it requires a lot of skills if you want to play it experienced.

Baccarat Rules

The game of Baccarat originated from Italy, and Baccarat means “zero” in Italian. This means that all games start from scratch.

Baccarat (Baccarat) Gambling Method: Divided Into The Following Four Gambling Methods

Bet to see which one of Bank (zhuang), Play (casual), Tie (and), Pair (pair) wins.

  1. Bank (the house wins)
  2. Play (gamble to win)
  3. Tie (tie game)
  4. Pair

Baccarat Notice

Baccarat (Baccarat) points conversion:
A = represents 1 point
10, J, Q, K = represents 0 points
, and other cards represent the corresponding points. When the total points of the cards exceed 9, take the single digit , For example: the point size of an 8 and a 9 is: 17 (the single digit is 7, so the sum is 7), add up the points after getting the cards, “0” is the smallest ~ “9” is the largest, after comparing the points Possibly draw, up to one card.

Baccarat  Gameplay

◆Baccarat licensing:

At the beginning of the deal, both parties will receive 2 cards first. If there is a supplementary card, at most one card will be supplemented. Whoever places the largest bet has the right to see the card. Generally, there are eight pairs of <one boot> in the entertainment city to play the game.

The 1.3rd card is for >>> Play (player)
and the 2.4th card is for >>> Bank (banker)
※According to the card replenishment regulations, at most one card will be replenished, depending on the situation.

▲The betting party has the right to open the opponent’s cards. If one side bets for a player, the croupier will be responsible.

◎Again (the banker) and (the player) compare the size, and the side with the bigger points wins.
If there is a tie, the player who bet on the tie wins, and the player who bet on (banker) (player) wins or loses.

Baccarat Term Lazy Bag

dealer There is no specific meaning, it only represents the two sides of the game.
player There is no specific meaning, it only represents the two sides of the game.
Zhuang Ying The banker’s total points are greater than the player’s.
idle win The player’s total points are greater than the banker’s.
Tie The total points of the two families are the same, so they are also called “four wives”.
pair The dealer or the player gets two cards the same.
born winner Refers to the card dealt at the beginning, which is “8” or “9”.
out card Only draw one card.
stop calling No more draws.
Mercenary When the dealer wins, the casino needs to pay a 5% commission.
road paper Framed paper used to record the banker, player, tie, pair, etc.
road Gambling table out of the banker and player trend prediction.
Changzhuang Opened many times in a row.
Leisurely Multiple times in a row.
single hop Open the bank many times in a row and idle once.
Shuangzhuang Opened the bank twice in a row for many times.
Pai After opening the bank many times in a row, it opened up many times.
Separate Two villages and one idle many times in a row.
That is to say Open many times in a row and play once.
jump Once the banker is opened, it will jump back to the player or if it is opened once, it will jump back to the banker.
a shoe brand The big platform uses ten decks of playing cards as a shoe, and the small platform uses four decks of playing cards as a shoe. They are all put into a black shoe box.
shuffle It is a necessary procedure for the dealer to shuffle the cards before using new playing cards.
Brand After opening and using new poker cards, sprinkle the cards on the table to check whether the number of cards is missing before shuffling.
sell brand Eight cards are burned before each new shoe is activated, and then one card is burned before the deal.
watch brand That is to look at the cards. In baccarat gambling, only the customer has the right to look at the cards, and the size of the bet determines which guest will look at the cards.
Win is Valley When you win, take advantage of the situation and increase your bets.
lose or shrink When losing money, the weaker will reduce the bet.
boundless One, two, and three point cards in poker.
with borders Four to ten point cards in poker.
both sides Four and five point cards in poker.
three sides Six, seven, and eight point cards in poker.
four sides Nine and ten point cards in poker.
hairy Ace of spades in playing cards.
tall feet Refers to two sides, four sides.
Stretch out It means that the guest hopes that the dealer will get two to four cards at one, two, three, and four points.
Qi foot road The number of openings of Zhuangxian is the same for several times, and the records are just aligned at the bottom on the road paper.
protruding foot road When the foot is on the road, suddenly one more dealer or leisure.
Jiutong Road When the three villages, three idlers and three villages were opened, it was written on the road paper like the nine tubes of mahjong.
nail it When playing cards, you won a doll card and lost.
show two points There are only two points in the banker or in the idle hand.
money turtle Refers to five points of playing cards.
Dense surface It is called Mishi, which refers to the ten points of baccarat and the doll cards as zero points, and the pronunciation of “shi” and “ten” are the same.
blow After the gambler gets the edge card, he yells and blows in the hope of blowing away a point or two.
top After the gambler gets the side card, he shouts the top, hoping to get the highest point card on this side.
27th Army When you get a combination of two and seven points, which is a regular card with nine points, you can win immediately.
not strong enough Refers to not having enough capital to win the desired money.
San Ai Road Samgyet is a kind of poison, which can be fatal if taken in a small amount. It means that if you follow this way, you will definitely lose.
Paradise Road It means that if you follow this path to bet, you will definitely win.