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What is an casino?

The word casino is believed to be familiar to many people. Whether it is legal or not, in fact, there are no clear laws and regulations in Taiwan at present, so we will not discuss it here. Today we will only talk about what the casino industry can bring. How huge the interests are, not only in Taiwan, but in fact, all countries in the world are regarded as a wealthy industry. It is not so easy to run an casino well, and there will be hundreds of threats!

Is Casino the head of an underground group?

No~No~ These two are different! Just like the stall operators in the night market are selling steaks, Wangpin Group is also selling steaks. Do you think they will be the same? The brand image and operation alone cost different costs, so the services and membership benefits that can be provided Nature is also different.

Online Casino Underground gang leader
source of customers Internet Without Borders direct communication between people
Gold flow Money transfer, supermarkets, and credit cards are all acceptable To avoid the law, cash transactions will be designated
betting channel 24-hour online betting on mobile phones, computers and other devices Can only rely on social software communication to place bets, or face-to-face interviews in specific trading areas
regional legitimacy Since all game servers are set up in overseas legal regions, they will not be affected

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Due to customer source development, betting, and trading methods, all processes can only be carried out locally in Taiwan. Such behavior will be directly punished as a crime of gambling
marketing method Online and offline diversified operations provide members with faster and more convenient inquiry services, cultivate brand trust, and allow customers to freely choose their favorite entertainment modes Use Line or phone calls randomly to shoot birds in a way like casting a fishing net. Excessive harassment can easily cause users to feel disgusted
member benefits With a complete SOP system, it will not be changed day and night. Online registered members implement the legal protection norms of network contracts, and one-on-one cash flow procedures by dedicated personnel to ensure the security of each player’s personal information It is usually a one-to-many online and offline transaction, with paper or communication records as evidence, and there is no guarantee from a third-party impartial unit. The method, time, and place of withdrawal are all decided by the online

Evaluation Criteria for the Five Comprehensive Casinos

After generally understanding the difference between the entertainment city and the underground group leader, the entertainment city should be a more convenient and fast way for the current people, so Qian compiled a list of the top 5 entertainment cities that can be used as entertainment cities on the Internet. condition:

Entertainment City Evaluation Five Conditions
condition one Cash flow account security
(value storage and withdrawal)
condition two The richness of game types
condition three Online 24-hour customer
service efficiency and attitude
Condition four The CP value of the promotional activities provided
Condition five Word-of-mouth comments from real casino players

(Establishment City Evaluation Condition Table|If you want to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the entertainment city, these five evaluation conditions must be included as a reference)

Generally speaking, the cash flow security in our understanding means the degree of risk control for players. A truly qualified casino should be able to provide legitimate reasons to confirm that the players themselves really use illegal arbitrage programs or that the agent and the players themselves are actually in contact with each other. To suppress and defraud the entertainment city, temporarily block and control the player’s money flow in and out, otherwise, without legitimate reasons, you can’t take advantage of trumped-up charges to control the money flow at will, making players feel cheated.

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