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FB899 is currently the latest online entertainment website in the Philippines, creating the highest quality game screen, the most realistic animation effects, hundreds of casino games, the most classic slot machines, fish machines, live baccarat and the most popular cockfighting in the Philippines.
FB899 is a licensed and licensed casino service provider by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). PhilWeb Corporation is the nation’s leading gaming technology company, operating and managing more than 80 video games nationwide.

FB899 is the newest and most stable online casino in the Philippines.

Committed to creating the highest quality game graphics and the most realistic animation effects, hundreds of casino games are readily available, including the most classic slot machines,fishing machine, live baccarat and the most popular cockfighting in the Philippines, hundreds of games Waiting for you to try it out.
FB899  provides the most secure guarantee for every player, uses the most stable security guarantee, protects personal information and game system, and fully supports PC, mobile phone, tablet and other devices without wasting time.

FB899 Games


Baccarat is one of the most common casino games. Almost all online casinos have this game. It also allows players to operate the game without entering the physical casino, as long as they are online. FB899 has AE Sexy, baccarat, Six platforms including Sa gaming, WM casino, Dream Gaming, Evolution, and Xtreme Gaming are available for players to play.
Baccarat is a gaming game that uses playing cards, and is rated as the fairest and fairest gaming game. The player wins, one of the cards has 9 points or more points than the opponent wins.
Usually baccarat uses 8 decks of cards as a card shoe, which varies according to the restrictions of each online casino. The first card and the third card are dealt to the “player”, and the second card and the fourth card are dealt to the “player”. The cards are distributed to the “banker”, and the dealer will distribute the banker and player two cards in the order of “player”, “banker”, “player”, and “banker”. The rules deal one more card, and the one with 9 points or close to 9 points wins.

Sports Bet

Sports betting is conducted by major bookmakers with specific odds. The most common betting item is guessing the outcome. More special games involve guessing the difference between winning points and points at specific times. Betting is open on almost all sports, the most common being basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, and even ice hockey.
Football is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, with many national leagues uninterrupted all year round and the FIFA World Cup every 4 years, so it is the most watched and invested in sports betting. Sports, FB899 has two platforms, Crown Sports and Nited Gaming, for players to play.
The beauty of sports lotteries lies in analyzing information before the game to find favorable betting data. Pre-match analysis is like technical analysis of stocks. Analytics can improve the odds of winning a bet.


Slot machines are the most played games in casinos, because they are simple to play and easy to learn, and their popularity is second only to baccarat, also known as “slot machines”. Since 1896, slot machines are all played after coins are put in. Pa, in which coins are also called “slots”.
The common slot machines in online casino can be divided into JILI, FC slots, Evolution slots, JDB slots, WM, CQ9, AE slots, etc. according to the developer. Nowadays, slot machines are different from traditional games.

Fishing Games

Fishing machine is a large-scale shooting game. The game screen will display fish schools on the entire screen. Players control their turrets to catch fish schools and get rewards. The higher the rate of catching fish, the more rewards they get.
Fishing Machine is a very stress-relieving game, especially when the shells are strafing the fish on the screen, it is very suitable as a way to relax after a busy day at work.


Poker games are usually the first games that players come into contact with when they first start playing online casinos, because they have usually played poker games, and the daily popular Andar Bahar, Rummy, Teen Patti, Black Jack and AK47 are the most popular online casinos. One of the welcome items, because the rules of poker are simple, players are easy to use, and they can show game skills and strategies during the battle, which makes many players love it.

What is turnover?

Turnover is the wagering amount.

1x turnover mean that your valid bet need to met 1 times of your deposit amount
For example, if you deposit 1000, your valid bet need to over 1000 in order to cash out.
Noted: valid bet doesn’t mean win or lose.

How much is the minimum cash out?

The minimum cash out is 100 pesos.

How long is the withdrawal process?

The process of withdrawal takes 20 minutes to arrive in your account.

Withdrawal method

One Gcash/ Grabpay/ bank card only need to add it once.
You can have up to 10 withdrawal methods.

How to get level upgrade reward?

You should full the % bar and step to the next level first before you can claim the level upgrade reward.

Why the balance does not appear in my wallet?

Once you enter the game automatically your balance will transfer there, and if you want balance to return to the main wallet just click the game wallet and click transfer back.