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MANALOPLAY – Affiliation、Agreement

Manaloplay online betting has been licensed for many years. Is currently one of the largest online gaming groups in the world! Holds the Cagayan Special Economic Zone of the Government of the Philippines First Cagayan leisure and Resort Corporation sports betting and online casino licenses issued.

Registration application

Click on 【Agent Register】apply online and fill in all the information。 The alliance application message will be evaluated and reviewed by Manaloplay , and the commissioner will contact you within 3 days to open it, and provide your registered account, password and promotion link.

Month profit Minimum valid member of the month Refund ratio of the current month:
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Refund ratio of the current month:
Refund ratio of the current month:
1~50000 5 or above 30% 0.1% 10%
50001~300000 10 or above 35% 0.1% 10%
300001~800000 50 or above 40% 0.1% 10%
800001~1200000 100 or above 45% 0.1% 10%
above 1200001 200 or above 50% 0.1% 10%

Note: Manaloplay reserve the final right to change the above regulations!

Please remember that any use of dishonest methods to defraud the commission will permanently freeze the account, and the commission will not be refunded! After the new cooperative operator has formally established the cooperative relationship, it must be promoted carefully. The effective membership growth of 3 or more per month is required for the first three months, otherwise the company has the right to terminate the cooperative relationship.

Rebate/commission calculation

  • * Caution:
    For live casino, sports betting, etc., after deducting the corresponding fees in the [Payout] field in the report, the threshold X commission percentage in the above table will be used.
    For Happy Lottery items, use the [Actual Betting] field in the report, and X 0.1% commission percentage after deducting the corresponding fees.
  • In the current month, the alliance system is based on: [Payout/Bet Amount/Total Common Point Amount] for real people, sports, lottery, etc., after deducting the corresponding fees, the total rebate will be generated, multiplied by the corresponding rebate percentage.
  • Corresponding fees include: member discounts, deposit/withdrawal corresponding handling fee (please note: Manaloplay member repeated withdrawal $ handling fee/betting less than 100% The handling fee for withdrawal is absorbed by the member and is not included in the calculation).
  • [Minimum valid member of the current month] is defined as a member who has made a valid bet of at least 500 within the monthly settlement period. If the alliance system does not reach the minimum threshold of 5 people in the [Minimum valid member of the month] in the current month, the member will not be able to receive commission rewards in that month. If the monthly profit of the alliance system meets the standard, and the number of [Minimum Effective Members of the Month] does not reach the corresponding minimum threshold, the commission ratio for the month will be refunded according to the percentage of the [Minimum Effective Members of the Month] threshold.
  • Example:
    The profit of the system for the current month is $100001, and the number of effective members in the current month is 5. Although the alliance has reached a profit of $200001, it has not reached more than 10 effective members. Therefore, the calculation is based on the ratio of rebates of the effective membership of the alliance with 5 members.

Rebates/commission payment

Affiliate commission calculation. The settlement interval is from the first Monday of the month to the Sunday before the first Monday of the next month. The profit of the member will be calculated according to the formula for the distribution of the alliance plan. The commission is calculated by the contractor customer service on the first week of each month. After confirming the amount with the agent at the beginning, the commission will be directly transferred to the bank account registered by the agent alliance within 5 working days.


Manaloplay Cooperate with BBIN technically and become a legally registered gaming company in Costa Rica. We use the most diverse, advanced and fair system. Among many gaming sites, we are proud to provide members with the most favorable feedback and create strong profit advantages for agents! Manaloplay Adhering to the concept of business joint operation, resource integration, and benefit sharing, we will work with our partners to create a prosperous prosperity.

No matter what you have is network resources or rich contacts, you are welcome to join us, and you can open up unlimited revenue without having to bear any costs. Manaloplay Entertainment is definitely your smartest choice!

I. Agent Registration Protocol

To prevent the abuse of Manaloplay by unscrupulous operators For the agent discount system provided, we will strictly review the personal information provided by each agent when applying for registration (including name, IP, address, email address, telephone number, payment method, etc.).

If the audit finds that the agent has any unhealthy profit-making attempts, or collusive arbitrage with other agents and members, Manaloplay The entertainment company will close the account of the cooperative agent, deduct the principal in the account, and recover all commissions and discounts from the agent. The members of the same IP/same name/same collection account can only be the downline of one cooperative agent, and the agent itself cannot become the downline member of other agents.

2. Terms of Rights and Responsibilities

1. Manaloplay ‘s rights and obligations to alliance partners

The customer service department of Manaloplay will register the offline members of the cooperative agent and observe their betting status. Agents and members must agree and abide by Manaloplay Membership regulations, policies and operating procedures. Cooperative agents can log in to the management interface at any time to observe the betting status and activity overview of their offline members. Manaloplay reserves the right to reject or freeze the accounts of cooperative agents or members.

2. Alliance partners’ rights and obligations to Manaloplay

Cooperative agents should do their best to widely publicize, sell and promote Manaloplay so that the agents themselves and Manaloplay Maximize your profits. Cooperative agents can publicize, sell and promote Manaloplay in a positive image without violating the law, and are obliged to inform their members of all the information about Manaloplay related preferential terms and products. If the cooperative agent chooses to promote the method of Manaloplay , if payment is required, the agent shall bear the cost.

Any Manaloplay related information (including: logos, reports, game screens, drawings, copywriting, etc.), cooperative agents are not allowed to copy, disclose, or distribute related materials privately, Manaloplay Reserve the right of legal prosecution.  If the agent needs relevant technical support in business promotion, please feel free to contact the Manaloplay customer service staff.

3. various rules

Cooperative agents of all levels cannot open dual/multiple agent accounts without the permission of Manaloplay , nor can they open dual/multiple agent accounts from Manaloplay The game account or other related parties earn commissions. Please remember that no agent can place bets with an agent account. Manaloplay has the right to terminate and seal the account and all commissions earned in the game.